Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture highlighted the importance of the third dose, or first booster dose, for older adults to provide optimal protection against COVID-19.

“Booster vaccination is crucially needed for older adults and other vulnerable groups, including those with comorbidities,” the ministry’s Deputy for Health Quality Improvement and Population Development, Agus Suprapto, stated when contacted here on Thursday.

According to Suprapto, booster vaccination is deemed necessary to reduce the hospitalization rate and prevent infected people from experiencing acute symptoms.

“Although the number of COVID-19 cases are starting to be brought under control, the implementation of health protocols and vaccination is a must, including for older adults,” he stressed.

He affirmed that the government continues to invite the community to support the government’s efforts to increase the coverage of booster vaccination.

“The community can play an active role by taking the initiative to visit the nearest community health centers or vaccination booths for those who have not received the booster dose," he stated.

In addition, the dissemination of information regarding the benefits of booster vaccine doses continues to be intensified in order to increase the community’s awareness and understanding of the importance of vaccination.

Meanwhile, General Chairperson of the Indonesian Demographic Practitioners and Experts Association (IPADI) Sudibyo Alimoeso called to intensify the dissemination of information and outreach to older adults regarding COVID-19 vaccination and the implementation of health protocols.

"These aim to increase the understanding and awareness of older adults on the importance of health protocols and COVID-19 vaccinations to prevent the transmission of COVID-19," he remarked.

He affirmed that if older adults remain healthy, active, and productive, they can become the second demographic dividend that can offer a positive contribution to the welfare of the community.

As part of the efforts to boost the community's immunity, the Indonesian government launched a nationwide vaccination program on January 13, 2021, targeting as many as 234,666,020 citizens.

According to data provided by the COVID-19 Handling Task Force, as of September 29, 2022, as many as 204,556,520 Indonesians received the first vaccine dose, 171,161,526 were administered the second dose, 63,466,363 had taken the third dose or first booster, and 608,860 had received the fourth dose or second booster. (INE)



Translator: Wuryanti Puspitasari, Raka Adji
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