Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Sherpa Meeting of Indonesia's G20 Presidency offers a momentum to enrich delegates with the affluence and diversity of culture and history of the archipelago.

One of these objectives was fulfilled during the 3rd Sherpa Meeting that ended with a site visit to the Borobudur Temple, Village Economic Center (Balkondes), and Mendut Temple.

Based on an official statement from the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs in Jakarta on Saturday, all delegates and representatives of international institutions and observers were invited to gain a broad understanding of the culture and heritage sites of Indonesia's past glory.

The visit on Thursday (Sept 29) commenced by revelling in the morning ambience at Borobudur Temple while shedding light on the history related to the temple's establishment.

After a walk around to observe the beauty of Borobudur Temple and breakfast, all members of the group were invited to visit Balkondes Karangrejo and Balkondes Ngadiharjo.

In an ambience replete with closeness, the journey from Borobudur Temple to Balkondes was taken aboard a tourist vehicle Volkswagen Safari.

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The Village Economic Center (Balkondes) is a program initiated by the Ministry of SOEs by targeting villages with the potential to improve the economy of the village.

Balkondes is aimed at increasing tourism opportunities and opening up opportunities for cultural performances as well as boosting the economy and employment opportunities for local residents.

Local MSME actors were part of the delegation's visit-related activities by selling a variety of products, so that they could raise the branding of local products in the international arena.

The participants were also invited to try their hand at various activities, such as pottery, batik making, and playing the gamelan.

Before ending the visit, all members of the group were invited to enjoy the historical heritage of Mendut Temple.

Mendut Temple is a Buddhist temple built in the 9th century and is one of the three temples in Magelang: Borobudur, Pawon and Mendut.

After this site visit, the delegates are expected to be invigorated to attend the 4th Sherpa Meeting and the G20 Summit in Bali in November.

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