Jakarta (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin on Tuesday highlighted the need for national dialogue to maintain national unity and harmony among Indonesian residents.

"We need to maintain harmony as we continue developing national dialogues which, God Willing, makes our country safe," he said during a dialogue with representatives of the Indonesian diaspora at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, according to a statement received on Tuesday.

According to the Vice President, the national ideology Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia are based on a national accord and form a formidable foundation for maintaining Indonesia’s diversity.

He also urged Indonesian Muslims to uphold the national accord.

"Muslims must be a complete Muslim by adhering to agreements. We need to understand this, as comprehension of this issue will diminish intolerant behavior," Amin underlined.

The Vice President pointed out that religious forums and associations are also advocating for interfaith harmony and becoming intermediaries for devising solutions to various issues affecting society.

"We also develop the institutions. We have the Religious Affairs Ministry and religious organizations. Muslims have MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council), Christians have KWI (Bishops' Conference of Indonesia), and PGI (Council of Churches in Indonesia), Buddhists and Hindus have their respective associations, and there is also the Communication Forum of Inter-Religious Communities. We will continue developing national dialogues," he remarked.

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Meanwhile, Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore, Suryo Pratomo, said that the dialogue with the Vice President had a positive impact on the Indonesian diaspora in Singapore.

"Vice President Ma'ruf Amin's presence means a lot to diaspora fellows, and it can be seen from the extraordinary enthusiasm of diaspora fellows," Pratomo added.

Amin's visit was immensely special for Indonesians in Singapore, as the last visit by a high-ranking Indonesian official to that country was in 2019 when President Joko Widodo went there, he said.

Their enthusiasm was palpable, especially among Indonesian micro, small, and medium enterprise industry players in Singapore, he added. Several Indonesian citizens have businesses in Singapore, including in the culinary sector.

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