Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry is seeking an improvement in the branding or trademarking of Indonesian fishery products as “naturally diverse, safe, and sustainable” at the global level in order to attract investors.

“The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry will continue to encourage the improvement of Indonesian seafood branding in the world to attract buyers and investors with the ‘Indonesian Seafood: Naturally Diverse, Safe, and Sustainable’ branding," Marketing Director at the Directorate General of Competitiveness Improvement of the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry Erwin Dwiyana said at a press conference here on Friday.

Improving the quality assurance and safety of fishery products, policies on the sustainability of fish and business resources, and support for developing market access and handling export barriers is expected to spur exports of Indonesian fishery products to foreign countries, he explained.

The improvement in Indonesian fishery branding is being sought in line with the blue economy-based program policies promoted by the government through the ministry.

The ministry has emphasized that national fishery production will involve quota-based measurable fishing and 30 percent of Indonesia's marine area will be designated as a conservation area as part of efforts to maintain the sustainability of Indonesia's fish resources.

Indonesia's fishery production reached 24.4 million tons in 2021, making it the No. 11 exporter of fishery products, Dwiyana said.

The ministry noted that the export value of Indonesian fishery products in 2021 reached US$5.7 billion or around Rp90 trillion.

The ministry has increased the export value target for 2024 to US$7.13 billion. The main export destinations for Indonesian marine products are the United States, China, ASEAN, Japan, and the European Union.

He said that the ministry has continued to try to expand the market reach of national fishery products at the global level. One of the ministry's breakthrough programs has been the development of aquaculture based on export commodities, with shrimp being one of the leading commodities besides lobster, crab, and seaweed.

Shrimp is one of Indonesia's main fishery commodities, which has great potential for export. As one of the national superior commodities, shrimp has always been an option for increasing state income.

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