Jakarta (ANTARA) - Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto compelled all world leaders to unite and work together in overcoming the current global crisis.

"What is more important is unity, cohesiveness, and the ability between national and international elites to work together," Subianto said at Global Food Security Forum in Bali, on Sunday, as quoted from a press release received here.

Furthermore, he also highlighted one of the global crises that currently plagued the world, is the food crisis which lead to extreme hunger in some countries. One of the causes of this problem was the ongoing conflict between countries, he pointed out.

Therefore, it was fitting for all world leaders to resolve conflicts between countries.

"Do we want to resolve the conflict or not? If we don't resolve the conflict, we get in to very dangerous (matter) and a dangerous time," he warned.

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On the same occasion, the minister expected that the Global Food Security Forum could educate about food security from both national and global perspectives.

"Our goal is to provide food for eight billion people in the world, but the challenge is the availability and affordability of food prices. The challenge is that only a few countries have sufficient supply of protein and calories. That is our challenge, to achieve the target of zero hunger," he noted.

This target was also one of the items listed in the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Minister Subianto also said that the Global Food Security Forum had an important value in providing knowledge to political elites and state leaders regarding the need for cooperation with the private sector in pursuing food security.

"This is important. This forum is very important to provide understanding to political elites and state leaders to cooperate with private parties," he concluded.

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