Hanoi, Vietnam--(ANTARA/Business Wire)- While tech layoffs are sweeping the globe, FPT Software, the leading IT business in Southeast Asia, welcomed thousands of employees’ parents to their offices to show sincere gratitude and a commitment to providing the best working conditions for their staff.

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Since 2006, November 19 has been marked as Parent's Day for FPT Software to show gratitude to their employees’ parents. It’s a day before Vietnamese Teacher’s Day with the thought that parents should be honoured first, referring to national culture.

This year, with the theme “Take Your Parents To Work”, the event is hosted in four major cities, greeting thousands of parents at the doors. FPT Software is the very first tech firm in Vietnam to take this initiative which shares the concept with Google’s or LinkedIn’s.

Employee’s parents are guided through their children’s workplaces. From there, they got the full experience of their kids’ workday, from the corporate meetings to the company lunch space. This offered them the opportunity to see first-hand what their children’s work days look like, which add some context for the conversations that frequently take place during family gatherings.

Parent’s Day is among the most exciting moments of the year for not only FPT Software employees but their parents. Thousands of Vietnamese employees working in global branches, though not able to return home, invited their parents to the event.

On a crisp morning, all FPT Software workspaces were filled with countless proud moms and dads who dressed themselves in laughter, joy and happiness. Tears have been shed and words have been listened to carefully.

Speaking at the event, Ms Chu Thi Thanh Ha, Chairwoman of FPT Software emphasises “FPT Software’s successes can not be guaranteed without the dedication of every single employee and the unwavering support of their parents.” and encourages her employees to spend more time with their family, “for parents, there is no better vitamin than an everyday text or phone call from their kids.”

FPT Software commits to provide employees with the most favorable working environment possible. The business is constructing campus systems in accordance with the standards of top-notch IT companies like Google or Facebook. Plus, the employees and their families are supported with housing and car loan interest, healthcare, and education from FPT Group.

With such effort, FPT Software recently received awards from Great Place to Work® for being one of the "Best Workplaces in Asia". The IT company was recognized for its positive corporate culture, based on authentic care and support for its people, from physical safety to psychological and emotional wellness.

With Parent’s Day, the company reaffirms its commitments to employees and reassures those parents that their children are having the greatest possible care. And employees use it as an opportunity to thank those who have always been there for them.

Sixteen years since the start of this special occasion, its scale is increasing together with the growth of the business, spreading FPT Software’s loving message to the wider audience. It’s their long-term commitment to put employees at the heart of its operation, and to reaffirm the unique working environment of the top IT company in South East Asia.

FPT Software is a global technology and IT services provider headquartered in Vietnam, with more than USD 632.5 million in revenue and 25,500 employees in 28 countries. As a pioneer in digital transformation, the company delivers world-class services for 1,000+ customers worldwide. FPT Software’s products have been presented around the world, in the top-notch businesses of all areas, e-commerce, automotive, aviation or healthcare services, etc.

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