Jayapura (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin echoed the government's intent to collaborate with the Communion of Churches in Papua (PGGP) to develop Papua.

"Through collaboration with PGGP (Communion of Churches in Papua), we want to realize the vision of 2041 Papua, that is Smart Papua, Healthy Papua, and Productive Papua in the Inclusive and Peaceful Life of the Papuan People," Vice President Amin stated in Jayapura on Tuesday.

Amin made the remarks during a meeting with PGGP Papua and West Papua and the management of the Papua Christian Center (PCC).

The vice president was accompanied by Deputy Minister of Home Affairs John Wempi Wetipo and Regional Secretary for Papua Muhammad Ridwan Rumasukun with Chairperson of PGGP Hezkia Rollo and staff members.

"On this good occasion, I would like to express my hope and call. First, I compel PGGP, as a denomination forum for churches in Papua, to continue to develop a more holistic approach, in accordance with the church's calling in the development of humanity, justice, peace, and the integrity of creation in Papua," he remarked.

The vice president instructed the PCC to serve as a bridge for other parties as well as be a partner of the government in formulating plans and executing programs in Papua.

"Second, I believe the church can improve the social life of Papua that is inclusive and peaceful. In managing Papua onwards, I would like to emphasize the importance of two complementary wings, both the development wing and the cultural wing," Amin expounded.

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The vice president realized that the government could not work alone. The government needed support, cooperation, and the ministry's collaboration with the church.

"The Church, PGGP, and the Synod leaders are the backbone of the cultural approach," he stated.

The vice president expressed hope for them to welcome these new provinces into the unison of Papua.

"Although there are regional administrative differences, the social and cultural ties of the Papuan people are still established," he stated.

The vice president expressed optimism that the cultural path, which the government is keen to take, is in accordance with the structural path stipulated by law.

"The importance of public comprehension through cultural channels (aims to ensure) that cultural and structural paths have the same vision and in order to (educate) the public on the influence of religious leaders, especially churches, is very important, as they are the 'local champion' that play an important role. Today, we start one new chapter according to the new law and the Papua Autonomy Development Agency," he stated.

Currently, provinces in Papua namely Central Papua, South Papua, and Papua Mountains are divisions of Papua Province. Meanwhile, West Papua Province is a division of South Papua Province.
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