The role of a church is important in building sustainability, peace, and welfare in Papua
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin received an audience of church representatives, who are members of the Federation of Papuan and West Papuan Churches (PGGP), here on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Amin and PGGP representatives discussed sustainable development as well as reconciliation efforts in the land of Papua.

"This afternoon, I received visiting members from the Federation of Papuan and West Papuan Churches. The representatives came to deliver constructive recommendations," he noted.

According to Amin, the PGGP makes it easier for the government in cooperating with churches in Papua.

"The role of a church is important in building sustainability, peace, and welfare in Papua," he affirmed.

Amin stressed that the discussion aimed at developing dialog in the framework of reconciliation and eliminating conflicts in Papua.

"We agreed on how to find a solution that we should no longer inherit conflicts. What we inherit must be sustainable development. The government and churches will try to find a solution, and this is what is important," the vice president explained.

PGGP is an ecumenical institution and dialogue forum for churches in Papua, which is a representation of 58 church denominations in Papua and 48 denominations in West Papua, which come from five groups of large churches throughout Papua.

The purpose of the pastors' audience was to submit recommendation results of the Conference of Church Leaders in Papua on February 15-17, 2022, in Jayapura, which was part of the 167th Gospel Day (HPI) in Papua.

PGGP's recommendations aim to convey the Papuan churches' aspirations directly to the Central Government.

This communication between religious leaders was the government's step to prioritize socio-cultural and religious approaches in handling Papua's issues wherein church leaders are viewed as one of the main stakeholders in the history of Papua's development.

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