Toba, North Sumatera (ANTARA) - The National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) has prepared the National Cyber Security Strategy Concept as an integral part of national security in response to the developments in technology.

"We expect that it can be signed by the president immediately," Chief of BSSN Hinsa Siburian noted during the Huawei Media Camp event here, Thursday.

Goal of the national cybersecurity strategy is to realize cybersecurity, protect the national digital economy system, as well as improve cybersecurity strength and capability, he remarked.

This is also undertaken to support national interests and the creation of an open, safe, stable, and responsible global cyberspace.

The BSSN cannot act alone in securing the national cyberspace and requires synergy with various parties. Stakeholders, within the context of cybersecurity, involve state officials, businessmen, academicians, and the community, he noted.

Meanwhile, the focus or target of this national cybersecurity strategy entails risk management, readiness and security, vital information infrastructure protection, and national cryptography independence.

It also includes capacity, capability, and quality development; cybersecurity policies; and international cooperation.

To this end, the role of mass media is also necessary to disseminate information on the dangers of cyberattacks to the public.

Cyber threat is a hybrid threat that can come in the form of information control, espionage, and even sabotage, Siburian explained.

There are two types of attacks: technical and social. Technical threat involves an attack on the electronic system, such as in the form of malware, DDoS, and phishing.

Meanwhile, social attack is just as dangerous that involves black propaganda, separatism, radicalism, and other cybercrimes.

"We know that the strength of our nation is unity. Thus, if there is something that can threaten this, then it is certainly very dangerous," he emphasized.

Social attack can also come through private spaces during interaction with people on the internet, he remarked.

In connection with this, he expects the media to play an active role in disseminating information on the dangers of cyberattacks to the public.

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Translator: Suryanto, Fadhli Ruhman
Editor: Sri Haryati
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