Corruption is detrimental to the nation and state, so it is even considered as an extraordinary crime.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Pancasila Ideology Education Agency (BPIP) encouraged the community to apply the values of Indonesia’s ideology Pancasila to eradicate corruption to coincide with the commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) 2022.

"Pancasila can serve as a guidance to eradicate corruption while upholding human rights," Director for Pancasila Ideology Education Material Assessment at BPIP Aris Heru Utomo noted in a statement received on Saturday.

Utomo assessed that Pancasila can become a means to fight corruption since the five points of the ideology are the sources of Indonesian law, based on native moral and cultural values of the people.

The national theme of the commemoration of the IACD 2022 in Indonesia was "Indonesia Recovers, Unites Against Corruption."

Furthermore, the BPIP had its own sub-theme during the commemoration, titled "Pancasila in Action, United Against Corruption."

The BPIP director expects that the commemoration of IACD -- observed annually every December 9 -- will not only become a ceremony but also improve the performance of the law enforcement apparatus against corruptors.

"Without serious law enforcement, acts of corruption will continue to occur in every sector," he remarked.

The BPIP has evaluated that it is important to mainstream the values of Pancasila in the bureaucracy, governance, and law enforcement sectors to prevent, especially, state officers from committing corruption.

"Corruption is one of the big problems faced by the country. Corruption is detrimental to the nation and state, so it is even considered as an extraordinary crime," Utomo stated.

Nonetheless, he noted that prosecution and prevention attempts made by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) will not work optimally if there is no community participation.

"The BPIP fully supports all efforts of the KPK, ministries, and institutions to prepare materials on fostering the Pancasila ideology for civil servants and community," he stated.

At the 2022 IACD commemoration, the BPIP also invited the public to eradicate corruption by emulating the honesty and simplicity of the nation's founding fathers, such as Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta.

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