Some 41,702 churches are the main focus of the 2022 Operation Candle
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Police (Polri) is focusing on securing 41,702 churches for Christmas during the 2022 Operation Candle period from December 22, 2022, to January 2, 2023.

"Some 41,702 churches are the main focus of the 2022 Operation Candle ," Head of the Public Relations Division of Polri, Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo, stated after the Polri Public Relations Task Force roll-call for the 2022 Operation Candle at the National Police Headquarters here, Monday.

Prasetyo noted that 52,636 location points were being covered under the Operation. Apart from churches, 711 terminals, 653 ports, 206 airports, 256 train stations, 3,693 markets and shopping centers, 3,709 tourist objects, and 1,706 points were the focus for the operation for the New Year's Eve celebrations.

During the 2022 Lilin Operation, some 102 thousand police personnel will be on standby, with assistance from the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI), Health Ministry, Transportation Service, and related ministries and non-ministerial government agencies (K/L), Prasetyo remarked.

In addition, Polri has established 1,868 security posts (pospam), 776 service posts (posyan), and 70 integrated posts.

"In principle, Polri, along with related ministries and agencies, are ready to carry out the Operation Candle. An integrated meeting between the ministries and agencies has been held," he remarked.

On Monday, the Polri Traffic Corps held a technical meeting to coordinate communication, regulations, and other related matters to successfully handle the homecoming and return flow during the 2022 Christmas and 2023 New Year in a safe manner.

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The government projects that some 44.4 million people will travel during the 2022 Christmas and 2023 New Year holidays. Apart from securing routes and objects, Prasetyo noted that Polri will also prevent acts of terror.

Currently, the Special Detachment (Densus) 88 Anti-terror unit of the Indonesian National Police has taken preventive steps in several areas.

"Densus 88 had carried out a preventive strike operation in Sumatra and secured 11 suspected terrorists," he added.

To this end, Prasetyo urged the public to remain calm and trust the police and other related elements to secure community activities during the 2022 Christmas and 2023 New Year holidays.

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"We also seek community support to jointly anticipate all possibilities that could occur during the Christmas and New Year celebrations," he stated.

Speaking in connection with steps to prevention the transmission of COVID-19 that is currently still circulating in Indonesia, he also reminded the public to remain vigilant by always implementing health protocols while conducting indoor and outdoor activities.

Prasetyo emphasized that the Polri, TNI, and local government would continue to disseminate information to the community regarding the implementation of health protocols in every activity.

National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, also ordered the chief of regional police to conduct an assessment of the health and security levels. This effort is important to prevent crowds of people that can cause health and safety problems.

"We have determined security standards for the events' capacity, the escape route, and others. Each security activity must have a detailed security plan," Prasetyo stressed.

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