They already understand how the KPK can carry out OTT
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Sting operations (OTT) conducted by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) do not deter grafters, according to Deputy Chief of KPK Alexander Marwata.

The number of OTT conducted in 2018 reached 30, but they have not deterred grafters, he stated during the 2022 KPK Performance and Achievement press conference here on Tuesday.

"This figure is the highest throughout the history of KPK, and yet it does not stop others from not committing graft, primarily bribery," he remarked.

In fact, grafters will be more careful by changing patterns to escape sting operations, he cautioned.

"They already understand how the KPK can carry out OTT. They already understand because they have learned," he stated.

The way that these criminals learn is by studying KPK's mechanism that was unveiled in the court process. They also learn by studying previous cases, he noted.

In connection with this, Marwata noted that the KPK will also intensify its efforts by reforming its internal system to identify patterns that these grafters use.

Marwata also underlined that OTT remains effective to this day as long as the people informed on the allegation of bribery by state officials.

"Of course, we cannot stay silent, we will also respond to them. This is done to develop the people's trust," he stated.

"If we stay silent when there is information from the people, then the people will certainly become apathetic," he noted.

If the commission neglects the clear information that came from the people, then they will feel like it is useless to file a report, he remarked.

Principally, the KPK will accept every information from the people in relation to corruption allegation, he stated.

Moreover, after receiving definite clarification and having strong belief that corruption has taken place, the commission will act, including in arresting those responsible, he remarked.

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