Jakarta (ANTARA) - All parties must support the revitalization of integrated health posts (posyandus) to build a national health system that prioritizes preventive and promotive efforts, People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) deputy speaker Lestari Moerdijat has said.

"The government program to revitalize posyandus needs support from all parties in a bid to realize a promotive and preventive health system to anticipate challenges in the national health sector," she said in a written statement issued here on Friday.

The development of a national health system that prioritizes promotive and preventive efforts must receive the attention and support of all parties so that it can truly be realized, she noted.

Moerdijat said that a promotive and preventive health system is needed given the fact that the high number of sufferers of several diseases in Indonesia is mostly caused by the lack of early detection. People visit health facilities when their disease has already reached an advanced stage.

"This condition makes it harder for the health system to prevent the increase in sufferers of a number of serious diseases in the community," she added.

In fact, many of the diseases that cause the most deaths in Indonesia, such as heart disease and cancer, can be anticipated by developing a healthy lifestyle in the community, she pointed out.

Moerdijat said that the massive dissemination of information on the importance of consuming a balanced diet as well as early and routine health checks must become a national program that is implemented across the country.

"Of course, health facilities and infrastructure in a number of regions must be prepared well so that promotive and preventive efforts can be carried out thoroughly in Indonesia," she added.

According to her, stakeholders at the central and regional level, as well as the community, must work hand in hand and unite to realize effective posyandus.

In addition, she also underscored the need to create posyandus that can realize a health service system with better anticipation in order to build healthier and more resilient human resources in the future.

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Translator: Imam Budilaksono, Raka Adji
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