Villages are the foundations, roots, and anchors of Indonesia.
Rote Ndao, NTT (ANTARA) - Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration (PDTT) Minister Abdul Halim Iskandar provided special allocation assistance for rural transportation worth Rp10.9 billion to Rote Ndao District, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province.

He handed over the assistance to Head of Rote Ndao District Paulina Haning-Bullu at the commemoration of the 9th Anniversary of the issuance of Village Law at the Ba'a City Lighthouse, here, on Saturday evening.

In his remarks, the minister stated that even prior to Indonesia's independence, there had been 250 cultural communities in various villages, throughout the country, who have their own autonomy in managing the local population, institutions, and economic resources.

“It is why the village is the spearhead of administering government affairs as well as developing and empowering the community. Villages are the foundations, roots, and anchors of Indonesia," he remarked.

Hence, to recognize the privileges of village institutions, the government issued the Law Number 6 of 2014 concerning Villages, he added.

"As a law yearned by all village communities throughout the nation, the Village Law, which was issued by the House of Representatives along with the government, contains millions of shared hopes and aspirations to create a just and prosperous society," he continued.

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He has noted that since the issuance of the law, there has been a new paradigm for Indonesia's development.

"The (new) paradigm is to build (the country) starting from the ‘veranda’ of Indonesia, which is from the villages, the periphery regions, and the border areas," he said.

On the occasion, in addition to the special allocation assistance, Iskandar disbursed anthropometric health kit aid for 12 community health centers (puskesmas) and salt water-powered lamps for the residents of coastal villages in Rote Ndao District which had not have access to electricity.

The commemoration of the 9th Anniversary of the issuance of Village Law was centered at the Ba'a Harbor, Rote Ndao District.

A micro, small, and medium enterprises product exhibition as well as a people’s festival were also held to enliven the event.

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