Statistics Indonesia (BPS) in regions should inform about the real numbers to regional heads
Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) reminded the State Logistics Agency (Bulog) to control rice prices that had increased in 79 regions.

"Two days ago, I warned Bulog about this problem because in the field, in 79 regions, not a small increase (in prices of) rice has (been) experienced," Jokowi stated at the 2023 National Coordination Meeting of Regional Heads and Regional Leadership Forum in Bogor, West Java, Tuesday.

The president called on Bulog, relevant ministries and agencies, regional heads, and Bank Indonesia to continue to monitor the prices of goods and services in the field.

Jokowi is keen that the government and BI have in place an early detection system for potential increases in the prices of goods and services, including mitigation efforts.

He urged all parties to be careful against the increase in prices of goods and services, as currently, the world is facing a threat of a rise in inflation.

Apart from rice, he noted that several commodities also experienced an increase in prices, such as eggs in 89 regions, tomatoes in 82 regions, and broiler chicken meat in 75 regions.

He appealed to district heads, mayors, and governors to visit markets frequently to check whether the data fit the situation on the field.

"Statistics Indonesia (BPS) in regions should inform about the real numbers to regional heads," he remarked.

According to the president, currently, inflation, or an increase in the prices of goods and services, had become a threat to all countries. He noted that Indonesia's inflation is still under control, at around 5.5 percent (year on year/yoy).

"We should be grateful for this. Thanks to the hard work of all. If we look at other countries, there is (a country) that even reaches up to 92 percent. The European Union is at 9.2 percent (inflation). This is very high," he remarked.

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