We invite the head of Bappenas to monitor the condition of Indonesia's seas, and we will be doing it at the Command and Control Center (Puskodal) of Bakamla.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Head of the Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla), Aan Kurnia, met with the head of the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Suharso Monoarfa, and invited him to monitor Indonesia's seas.

“We invite the head of Bappenas to monitor the condition of Indonesia's seas, and we will be doing it at the Command and Control Center (Puskodal) of Bakamla,” Kurnia informed in a statement issued in Jakarta on Thursday.

Kurnia conveyed his request while paying a visit to Monoarfa with the head of the Bureau of Planning and Organization of Bakamla, Phuni Rusbandi.

The Bakamla head’s visit was aimed at friendship and coordination in the realm of strategies to strengthen the maritime agency. One of the strategies is to increase the facilities and infrastructures owned by Bakamla, both in terms of quality and capacity.

Bakamla plans to procure at-sea monitoring tools and state ships to support its main task of ensuring maritime security and conducting safety patrols.

The at-sea monitoring tools will not be only useful for Bakamla, but could also be used by all stakeholders at sea.

The patrol boats will be a priority requirement for Bakamla, which is faced with a vast area of patrol, and in accordance with the Strategic Plan of the agency, he said. To meet the need, Bakamla is ready to use domestic products to support Indonesian shipbuilding capabilities.

During the meeting, Kurnia submitted a report on the “2022 Maritime Safety Index (IKL).” The IKL itself received a score of 53 in the “adequate” category.

The hope is that by procuring at-sea monitoring tools and state ships, Bakamla can increase the IKL reading, he informed.

Bappenas head Monoarfa welcomed the Bakamla Work Plan and an invitation to visit the Puskodal of Bakamla.

“Basically, we support Bakamla. This is none other than to perform better in securing the archipelago's waters,” he said.

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