We ask for the central government's support in fire extinguishing operations, such as by helicopter, water bombing, and patrol helicopters.
Palangkaraya, C Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The Central Kalimantan provincial government has sought the central government's support for the prevention and handling of forest and land fires.

"We ask for the central government's support in fire extinguishing operations, such as by helicopter, water bombing, and patrol helicopters," Central Kalimantan Deputy Governor Edy Pratowo said here on Saturday​​​.

Pratowo asked for support in the form of weather modification technology, operations through ready-to-use funds (DSP), and 28 units of portable water tanks (flexible tanks) for areas prone to forest and land fires.

According to the deputy governor, the central government's support is needed in Central Kalimantan so that the prevention and mitigation of forest and land fires in 2023 can be carried out optimally.

The request for assistance was conveyed by his party to the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD, during a special coordination meeting in Jakarta.

In 2022, as many as 382 forest and land fire events were recorded in the province with a total of 3,061 hotspots, Pratowo revealed.

The region with the highest incidence of forest and land fires was North Barito district, with 530 hotspots and 193 occurrences.

"The districts vulnerable to forest and land fires are Katingan and Seruyan," Pratowo informed.

In early 2023, at least 34 forest and land fire incidents were recorded in 114 hotspots, mostly in the Katingan, Sukamara, and Kapuas areas. In addition, there were at least 10 incidents at 11 hotspots in East Kotawaringin district.

"The Central Kalimantan provincial government continues to make massive prevention efforts against forest and land fires through early detection and education to the community," Pratowo said.

According to him, although 17 percent of Central Kalimantan is covered in peatland and is highly susceptible to the risk of forest and land fires, the occurrence of fires is currently under control.

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