Jakarta (ANTARA) - Bogor Agricultural Institute's (IPB's) Food and Nutrition Professor Ali Khomsan advises people to walk at a speed of five km per hour (kph) every day to achieve normal body weight and live an active lifestyle.

"If we walk five kilometers per hour, or four thousand to six thousand steps a day, we can achieve an active lifestyle with 10 thousand steps a day," Khomsan stated at the event themed "National Nutrition Day: The Importance of Balanced Nutrition in Everyday Life" here on Wednesday.

Khomsan said brisk walking for five kph is classified as aerobic, and this has an effect on weight loss. Different bodily processes occur when someone runs fast until they are left gasping for breath.

"When you are panting because you are running fast, it is no longer aerobic but anaerobic. Anaerobic probably has no effect on weight loss," he stated.

A study conducted by doctoral students at IPB showed that obese people, who walked for 60 minutes, had better weight, body mass index, and waist circumference than those who walked for 40 minutes.

Khomsan proved that walking regularly five days a week did not make him lose weight. However, speed when walking turned out to be one of the influential factors.

"Students who carry out trials using tools that measure speed and obey the tools used produce significant results," he stated.

Referring to the 2013 and 2018 Basic Health Research data, he said around a third of Indonesians lack physical activity while pointing out that the trend of degenerative diseases is increasing.

Lack of physical activity and obesity are risk factors for several non-communicable diseases.

Khomsan said the average Indonesian walked up to around 3,500 steps a day.

Hence, the maximum number of steps achieved is around seven thousand per day, from the target of 10 thousand steps per day and this even has to be combined with exercise as an additional measure.

"I suggest exercise for 150 minutes at least two days per week. If possible, it can be done for five days per week, that is very good," Khomsan stated.

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