Thus, the public can see that public transparency is guaranteed in this (environmental) approval process.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Environment and Forestry (LHK) Ministry has unveiled Amdalnet, an environmental document information system, which aims to expedite environmental approval services, make them more accurate, and be in accordance with environmental protection principles.

The system is an innovative digital breakthrough in the environmental impact assessment (Amdal) process, LHK Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar said at the launch of Amdalnet here on Tuesday.

"Amdalnet is a part of the Environmental Information System (SILH), which is an integrated system of various information technologies to support environmental operations and management,” she explained.

Under SILH, Amdalnet will serve as a parent system that integrates other related information systems through a geospatial-based information system (WebGIS) and digitizes environmental documents and environmental approval processes.

In addition, Amdalnet will be the backbone of the environmental impact assessment and environmental approval systems, which are needed in the business permit issuance process.

The stages of the environmental approval process include preparing environmental documents, screening the documents, assessing the documents, and issuing environmental approvals both at the central and regional levels.

"The implementation of Amdalnet aims to facilitate (environmental activity) initiators, business actors, and the government in the environmental approval process by still maintaining the principles of environmental protection and management," the minister said.

Accelerating environmental approval services through Amdalnet is a strategic step by the LHK Ministry to carry out the mandate of Law 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation as well as Government Regulation Number 22 of 2021 concerning the implementation of environmental protection and management.

There are several benefits of the use of the Amdalnet, namely providing convenience in preparing and processing environmental documents as well as expediting the process of assessing and examining the documents.

The system will also allow the tracking of important documents, information, and data during the document assessment and examination process, and assist decision makers in determining the environmental feasibility of a business or activity plan based on the submitted documents.

Amdalnet will also make the process of assessing and examining the accountability of the environmental documents transparent.

"It is one of our targets to immediately launch Amdalnet. Thus, the public can see that public transparency is guaranteed in this (environmental) approval process," director general of forestry and environmental management planning at the ministry, Ruandha Agung Sugardiman, said.

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