Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) has collaborated with the Arsari Foundation in order to protect orangutans by developing an Orangutan Sanctuary Center (PSO) in Kalawasan Island, North Penajam Paser, East Kalimantan.

The objective behind developing the PSO is to provide a sanctuary for adult male orangutans, the OIKN secretariat noted in a statement received here on Wednesday.

The sanctuary is provided by offering facilities and management that comply with animal welfare principles, especially for orangutans that were determined to not be released into their natural habitat for certain reasons, ​​​​​​​the OIKN secretariat said.

OIKN Head Bambang Susantono was pleased with the collaboration with Arsari Foundation in developing the PSO on Kalawasan Island.

According to Susantono, such a collaboration aligns with the Nusantara vision and mission that prioritizes a sustainable environment.

"Orangutans are one of Indonesia’s endemic species that need to be protected and preserved. Even though the IKN area is not the habitat of orangutans, we are very committed to supporting the protection of orangutans," he emphasized.

Executive Director of Arsari Foundation Catrini Pratihari Kubontubuh stated that the collaboration with OIKN in developing the PSO on Kalawasan Island would be immensely beneficial for the existence of orangutans that are part of Indonesia’s biodiversity.

"Of course, this will also strengthen IKN’s commitment as a forest city,” Kubontubuh stated.

PSO, which is only roughly 10 kilometers from the Nusantara Zero Point, can help reduce the costs and physical risks from the presence of wide-cheeked adult male orangutans in various Orangutan Rehabilitation or Reintroduction Centers.

In addition, it is hoped that the existence of orangutans on the island, which is their habitat, would become more secure and the ecosystem of the surrounding islands is expected to be better preserved and become breeding grounds for marine animals that can be beneficial for the surrounding community.

Susantono said that the joint commitment between OIKN and Arsari Foundation is not solely for developing the PSO but also for realizing the IKN Forest City as a city development model that concentrates on carbon-neutral cities, biodiversity, and sustainable development goals (SDGs).

"OIKN is very open to collaborating with international and national environmental organizations to protect the environment in the IKN area and its surroundings," he added.

IKN Nusantara was built on the basis of the Forest City concept as part of Indonesia’s efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Around 65 percent of the IKN area will become tropical forest through reforestation, 10 percent will be garden areas and for food production, while 25 percent will be urban areas.

"The goal is for Nusantara to become a carbon-neutral city in 2045," Susantono explained.

Nusantara, officially the Capital City of Nusantara, is the future capital of Indonesia as stipulated and regulated by Law No. 3 of 2022. Located on the east coast of the island of Borneo, Nusantara covers an area that is almost four times the size of Jakarta, which is approximately 256,142 hectares and marine area spanning 68,189 hectares.

Nusantara will change the orientation of development to become more Indonesia-centric and accelerate the country’s economic transformation. The Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) is the executive authority to manage and govern Nusantara.

OIKN is a cabinet-level agency formed by the Indonesian government, working directly under the President of Indonesia. The authority will support preparations, construction, and the final move to Nusantara.

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Reporter: Yuni Arisandy Sinaga
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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