Jakarta (ANTARA) - Spokesperson of the Indonesian Health Ministry Mohammad Syahril noted that the situation of controlled cases of COVID-19 during the transition to an endemic period must be accompanied by fulfilling vaccination protection.

"In November 2022, the second booster vaccination was implemented only for health workers and the elderly. Then, many people asked to give the second booster to (people of) all ages over 18 years. That is because we are all trying to maintain the condition (to remain) under control until the pandemic ends," Syahril noted in Jakarta on Friday.

As the conditions of the pandemic had subsided and the situation had been brought under control, the policy for community activity restrictions (PPKM) had been revoked, but Syahril stated that the ministry will continue to oversee it until the pandemic is truly over.

Syahril, who is concurrently the director of Sulianti Saroso Hospital, urged people to immediately complete their COVID-19 vaccination as an effort to maintain the condition and avoid a spike in cases again.

"Do not let our immunity decrease during this pandemic. We hope the vaccine will be able to increase our antibody levels. That way, even if we are infected with the virus, the symptoms will be mild," he explained.

He also reminded the public that until now, the COVID-19 vaccination program is still free of charge.

"Now, we have sufficient vaccine stock, especially with our domestic vaccine (stock) that is enough to meet our needs. It is also free of charge," he remarked.

Meanwhile, Government Spokesperson and New Normal Adaptation Ambassador Reisa Broto Asmoro said the amount of stock of the COVID-19 vaccine in each region differs.

"The public can ask health workers at health service facilities in each region regarding vaccine stocks. The public can also be proactive in getting vaccinations," she emphasized.

Asmoro noted that health workers in regions could take the initiative to open the vaccination booth for the general public over the age of 18.

"People can contact their local health center (regarding vaccination). In order to invite people to receive vaccination, the local health center can also establish a vaccination center near the people's neighborhood," she added.

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