According to the information we got, (apart from having his right hand broken) the Polda Jambi chief also said that his back ached.
Jambi (ANTARA) - All Jambi Regional Police (Polda) officials who were on board a helicopter that made an emergency landing at Tamia Hill, Kerinci district, Jambi province, on Sunday due to inclement weather were evacuated on Tuesday.

The chief of Polda Jambi, Inspector General Rusdi Hartono, was successfully evacuated at 4:38 p.m. Western Indonesia Standard Time (WIB), head of the public relations division of Polda Jambi, Senior Commissioner Mulia Prianto, said here on Tuesday.

Hartono was taken to the Crisis Center Post in Merangin district, Jambi province, on the Indonesian Air Force’s Super Puma helicopter.

Prior to evacuating Hartono, the search and rescue (SAR) team managed to evacuate four other officers of Polda Jambi.

They were the co-pilot, Adjunct Commissioner (AKP) Amos Fredily; aide-de-camp (ADC) to the Jambi police chief, Brigadier Aditya; the director of criminal investigation, Senior Commissioner Andri Ananta; and the director of Water and Air Police, Senior Commissioner Muchael Bumbunan.

The team also managed to evacuate the pilot, AKP Ali Nurdin.

Prianto said that the Polda Jambi chief was the sixth officer who was evacuated, as Hartono had asked the SAR team to prioritize the evacuation of other officers first.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of executive personal staff, Commissioner A. Yani, and mechanic officer, Second Adjunct Inspector Susilo, were evacuated at 5:23 p.m.

"Currently, all of the Jambi Police chief's entourage have been successfully evacuated," he informed.

The officers were taken to Jambi Bhayangkara Hospital to be treated for their injuries.

“According to the information we got, (apart from having his right hand broken), the Polda Jambi chief also said that his back ached,” Prianto said.

A Bell 412 SP helicopter, bearing the registration number P-3001, carrying Polda Jambi officials was forced to make an emergency landing due to poor weather on Sunday.

The entourage had left for Kerinci district at 9:25 a.m. WIB on Sunday to inaugurate an Integrated Police Service Center of the Kerinci Resort Police.

The joint SAR team managed to locate the entourage at 4 a.m. WIB on Monday.

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