Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo expressed gratitude and commended the search and rescue (SAR) team that successfully evacuated all passengers of the downed helicopter carrying the Jambi Police chief and his entourage.

The helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing due to inclement weather in the wilderness of Kerinci District, Jambi, Sunday (February 19, 2023). The SAR team reached the accident site and found the helicopter at 4 a.m. local time (UTC +7) on Monday (February 20).

"As the Police Chief, I express my gratitude for the hard work of all teams that have successfully performed the evacuation and rescue operation," Prabowo noted, as per the statement here, Tuesday (February 21).

He said that the joint SAR team, comprising 949 personnel from the police, military, paramedics, and other agencies, had to brave extreme weather and difficult terrain to rescue passengers of the downed helicopter.

As a result of the hard work, the joint SAR team was finally able to make a breakthrough on Monday morning when they successfully reached the accident site and administered first aid to the helicopter passengers, who survived the emergency landing, the police chief stated.

He noted that all passengers had been brought to safety, with six passengers having been relocated to the hospital and another two still at the evacuation post.

"The eight passengers in the emergency landing have all been evacuated. Six (passengers) have already been at Bhayangkara Hospital, and the last two are still at the Merangin post," Prabowo affirmed.

The police chief spoke of having met and conversed with Jambi Police Chief Inspector General Rusdi Hartono, whose condition remains stable and is conscious while receiving medical treatment.

Meanwhile, Prabowo commended the synergy and solidity between military and police officers as well as other agencies and residents, who collaborated in the rescue operation.

"I repeat that as the Police Chief, I express my utmost gratitude for the hard work of all teams that participated in the evacuation and rescue operation, from land and air SAR teams to local residents, who are enthusiastic to assist the team," he stated.

He also expressed hope that all passengers of the downed helicopter would fully recover and families and colleagues would be relieved that their relatives survived the accident.

"I appeal for prayers for the victims' full recovery. I believe the doctors can provide their best care to ensure our police officers could recover," Prabowo remarked.

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