Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Thursday called to expand downstream industries outside the scope of the mineral and coal mining sector to cover the agricultural, plantation, and fisheries sectors.

Jokowi made the statement in his directive at the 2023 National Working Meeting (Rakernas) of the Association of Indonesian Provincial Governments (APPSI) in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

"I have often spoken about regional downstreaming. I want to emphasize that apart from downstreaming in the mining, mineral, and coal sectors, we must also encourage downstreaming in other sectors," he noted.

In addition, he pushed for progress in the downstream industries in the fisheries, agriculture, and plantation sectors owing to their vast potential and availability in all regions.

Jokowi then cited an example in the plantation sector. He noted that the added value of young coconut, usually sold at Rp10 thousand to Rp15 thousand per piece, can be increased by making it a coco thumb product (young coconut) akin to the ones sold in Thailand.

"In Thailand, just peel a little bit of the young coconut's skin, it can then be sold (as coco thumb) for Rp45 thousand to Rp50 thousand. The value increases threefold. It is just a matter of beautifying the packaging," he emphasized.

According to the head of state, the people in Indonesia can emulate this approach with support from governors.

"This is just an example. The added value can increase three times," Jokowi stressed.

Meanwhile, in the fisheries sector, fish can not only be processed into salted fish but its added value can also be increased if it is processed into fish flour, he pointed out.

"Fish sold as salted fish cannot bring added value. However, if we modify it a little and turn it into fish flour, then the added value can be doubled or tripled," he said.

He added that the global demand for fish flour was significant, and that fishermen, cooperatives, micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and small industries could be encouraged to produce fish flour and other various products in each region.

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Translator: Rangga Pandu A J, Resinta S
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