This is a criticism for us and the state who need to pay attention to financing issues that need (IDI's) participation.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The trend of Indonesians seeking medical treatment abroad reflects poorly on the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI), chairperson of the association Adib Khumaidi said, noting that the organization needs the right to take action to fix problems.

"This is a criticism for us and the state who need to pay attention to financing issues that need (IDI's) participation," Khumaidi said while attending the “3rd Anniversary of the COVID-19 Pandemic” event here on Thursday.

However, despite the many problems in the health service sector, the quality of doctors in the country is actually better than abroad, he added.

This is evidenced by the ability of Indonesian doctors who have resolved the problems of patients with state health insurance (BPJS Kesehatan), which now dominates health service facilities.

According to him, Indonesian doctors are capable of treating heart disorders, conducting heart ring installation surgery, and handling orthopedic patients.

"There are some of my patients who had surgery abroad, then ran out of money, but they can use BPJS Kesehatan in Indonesia," he said.

Health service taxes, the cost efficiency system in the BPJS Kesehatan program, and issues related to communication are still posing problems in the domestic health service sector, which are eventually making people choose to seek treatment abroad, he pointed out.

The government needs to evaluate the tax implementation on health services because it creates differences in service rates between domestic hospitals and hospitals abroad.

In addition, the clinical pathway procedure used as a scientific reference for BPJS patients limits the diagnosis process to merely the stage of analysis and physical examination, which is different from the comprehensive diagnosis offered by overseas hospitals.

Khumaidi further said that issues related to communication between doctors and patients need to be addressed.

"Doctors in Indonesia need to listen to patients' complaints through good communication. Some complaints are not conveyed well and there is an assumption that doctors are not listening," he said.

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