Those, who never change their way of thinking, will not be able to change anything.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Religious Affairs Ministry will deploy geriatricians during the implementation of the 1444 Hijri (H)/2023 AD Hajj pilgrimage period to maintain the health of elderly pilgrims.

According to the ministry’s Hajj Implementation Plan (RPH), the first batch of pilgrims will leave for Saudi Arabia on May 24, 2023.

Later, the last batch of pilgrims is scheduled to return to Indonesia on August 2, 2023.

"Regarding the health of the elderly (pilgrims), it is required to consult a geriatrician. Thus, we will involve geriatricians (in the implementation of the 2023 Hajj pilgrimage)," Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas noted in a statement received on Monday.

His side is committed to presenting an "Elderly Friendly Hajj" in organizing the pilgrimage in 2023, since 64 thousand people out of the determined 203,320 regular pilgrims are elderly.

The Saudi Arabian government has allocated a total of 221 thousand pilgrim quotas to Indonesia, comprising 203,320 regular Hajj pilgrims as well as 17,680 special Hajj pilgrims.

Furthermore, the minister emphasized the importance of preparing quality and professional services and urged all stakeholders involved in organizing the 2023 Hajj pilgrimage to provide the best service for the pilgrims.

Thus, his side provides health consultation with geriatricians as preventive measures to maintain the condition of pilgrims based on transparent and accountable diagnosis, he remarked.

"The results of yesterday's meeting with various (Hajj) stakeholders must be followed up with a great implementation plan. This plan must reflect (our) joint vision of providing the best service for pilgrims," Qoumas stated.

The minister also appealed to his ranks to continue to innovate and improve their problem-solving skills in responding to every challenge in organizing the pilgrimage.

"Those, who never change their way of thinking, will not be able to change anything," he remarked.

The minister departed for Saudi Arabia on March 10, 2023, to review the readiness of Hajj pilgrimage services. He is scheduled to return to Indonesia on March 14, 2023.

He headed to Arafah on March 11, 2023, to inspect the preparedness of accommodation facilities and catering for Indonesian pilgrims.

Furthermore, on March 12, 2023, he met with Hajj and Umrah Minister of Saudi Arabia Tawfiq F Al Rabiah in Jeddah to discuss the possibility for Indonesia to get additional Hajj pilgrim quota.

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