This is the first smartphone and laptop brand which is made by the children of Papua.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Inspiring Papuan Youngsters (PMI), a Papuan youth organization supported by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), trained some students of a vocational high school in Jayapura to assemble smartphones and laptops.

"They (the students) are talented in (assembling) electronics and computers. We train them in assembling a mobile phone from scratch until it can be utilized as a new cell phone," Manager for the Technology Program of PMI Elia Musa Rawar noted in a statement on Tuesday.

Currently, his side is registering the brand of the devices, called TOP.ID, with the Law and Human Rights Ministry to get the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

He noted that TOP.ID stands for "Torang Papua Indonesia," which means "We are Papua Indonesia."

"This is the first smartphone and laptop brand that is made by the children of Papua," Rawar remarked.

Rawar said that his side was committed to marketing the devices after they are successfully launched.

"We have assembled hundreds of mobile phones in this pilot stage so far. Later, we will promote and start selling them (the devices) after being launched," he remarked.

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Rawar expects that through this training, young Papuans will be able to improve their knowledge and skills to create various innovations and new job opportunities in the communication device and computer repair sector.

The launch of the TOP.ID brand will be officiated by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

The launch will coincide with the inauguration of the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) Building as a space for young Papuans to develop their interests and skills in arts and entertainment; podcast; photography; language learning; coding and programming; marketing; and sports.

"We express our deepest gratitude to Mr. Jokowi and the head of BIN, Mr. Budi Gunawan, for all the opportunities, facilities, and works that you have done for the children of Papua, so that they can become creative (human resources) and get such great facilities," Rawar stated.

The TOP.ID smartphones will use the M13 model, with 12 Gigabytes (GB) Random Access Memory (RAM), 512GB Read Only Memory (ROM), Android operating system version 11.0, and a display resolution of 1440x3040 pixels.

Meanwhile, the TOP.ID laptops will use a RAM, with total memory of 8192 MB and clock rate of up to 2,133 Megahertz (MHz).

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