Samarinda (ANTARA) - The Provincial Government of East Kalimantan is currently preparing to initiate e-government or Electronic-based Government System (SPBE) in accordance with the central government's instruction on its implementation in 2023.

Regional Secretary (Sekda) of East Kalimantan Sri Wahyuni stated in Samarinda, Thursday (Mar 30), that the implementation of SPBE should be a common concern of all regional offices of East Kalimantan Province, especially of technical ones, such as health, education, and public works.

She expressed hope that the SPBE would support the implementation of electronic-based government management. Hence, the community would be able to easily access the data collection needed.

"We have just held the first coordination meeting. Hopefully, when the SPBE is active, we will no longer need to talk about digital infrastructure. Instead, we will soon move forward to talk about the implementation of digital government management system as a solution to solve problems in the region," Wahyuni remarked.

Wahyuni made the aforementioned statement after leading the SPBE Coordination Meeting (Rakor) I initiated by the Office of Communication and Information (Diskominfo) of East Kalimantan in Tepian 2 Room of the Governor's Office, Thursday (Mar 30).

She expressed optimism that with no exceptions, all heads of regional offices in East Kalimantan would support the SPBE program as it was part of the Central Government's program that would be assessed by the Minister for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB).

Wahyuni then remarked that the implementation of SPBE would help the region to alleviate poverty. For that reason, she said that the East Kalimantan Government would continue to disseminate information about the program to all regional offices in hopes that they would better comprehend its goal and function for the government.

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Furthermore, she explained that the data submitted to SPBE would be a reference to help the local community, especially in alleviating poverty. The data included those pertaining to the school age, the unemployment rate, and the local community's income.

"We hope that regional offices will give their complete data through the SPBE Coordination Team of East Kalimantan Government, as the SPBE would also help to record all strategic programs being carried out by each regional office. Hence, all should integrate," she remarked.

Wahyuni also noted that the SPBE lays emphasis on electronic data, so all regional offices were expected to be able to easily provide information to the community.

Head of Diskominfo of East Kalimantan Muhammad Faisal expressed hope that the Rakor would be a forum of discussion for the SPBE Coordination Team, so that "Smart Government" could be established in the province.

"We hope that this meeting will be routinely conducted, not only one to two times, but more. Speaking of value, we will indeed attempt to catch up with the SPBE index. However, it should be noted that the most important thing is to optimize the implementation strategy, as it is our common responsibility," he said.

The meeting organizer also invited Andi Yuniantoro from Inixindo Yogyakarta to explain about the strategy for SPBE planning, structuring, and implementing.

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