Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) stated that the Ready for Marriage and Ready for Pregnancy electronic application (Elsimil) can be integrated with other health service portals (yankes) to address stunting in Indonesia.

"Prospective brides and grooms are subjected to a health screening. This can be supported by Elsimil," Head of BKKBN Hasto Wardoyo noted in a statement received here, Wednesday.

Wardoyo highlighted that the application integration step could help to strengthen health screening for prospective brides to avoid the risk of stunting in their babies.

Moreover, in several provinces, such as West Sumbawa District in West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB), the Total Birth Rate (TFR) was recorded at 2.34 and higher than the national average of 2.18. This means that for every 100 thousand people in West Sumbawa District, there are 1,800 births per year, he explained.

"The number of married people is around 2,500 in West Sumbawa District. Of the number of those who are married, around two thousand are pregnant in the first year of marriage," Wardoyo remarked.

Hence, he expressed hope that cooperation in the application integration step can reduce stunting in a measurable manner.

Wardoyo also suggested that the provision of assistance and treatment should also be intensified by consuming local products, such as eggs and catfish, which are supported through the Healthy Kitchen Program to Overcome Stunting (Dashat).

Meanwhile, the VP of Marketing Portal for health start-ups Klikdokter, KlikKB, and Hallobumil, Mia Agianti, welcomed the collaboration by echoing her company's goal to bring social impact on society through the eradication of stunting that affects infants and reduce the maternal and infant mortality rates.

Agianti affirmed that her side has targeted to accelerate the reduction of stunting in West Sumbawa District by providing education to young women as well as offering the necessary assistance or treatment, such as blood supplement tablets and nutritious food ingredients.

"The targets were young women, pregnant women, postpartum mothers, and men, considering the sociological aspects, namely patrilineal culture," she remarked.

Apart from working with BKKBN, her side will also work with PT Amman Mineral & Minning Corporation in July 2023 to build Bale Sehat, which has a hub concept to maintain all health activities specific to stunting and nutrition conducted by Klikdokter and Amman Corporation.

Bale Sehat will provide mental health counseling services to teenagers, regular classes from health workers that provide education about Complementary Foods for Breastfeeding (MPASI), nutrition, and parenting classes as well as holding sports activities as exercise for parents and children, she remarked.

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