…there are patients who seek treatment in Singapore for routine control, which can be done at Airlangga Hospital.
Surabaya (ANTARA) - Airlangga University Hospital has signed a cooperation agreement on service, education, and research with Singapore’s Icon Cancer Centre.

The hospital's director, Prof. Nasronudin, said that the signing of the cooperation agreement with Icon Cancer Centre has marked a new history for the hospital.

"This is in accordance with the government's program so that cooperation continues to be built. For example, there are patients who seek treatment in Singapore for routine control, which can be done at Airlangga Hospital," he informed during the signing of the collaboration agreement in Surabaya, East Java, on Wednesday (April 5, 2023).

As the first hospital in Indonesia to cooperate with the cancer treatment center in Singapore, Airlangga University Hospital is seeking to support the government's efforts to promote health tourism in the country.

"So many Indonesians have come to Singapore for treatment. We hope this collaboration can be the start of a good collaboration between Indonesia and Singapore in cancer care and treatment," Nasronudin said.

Airlangga University Hospital has an integrated service system for cancer treatment that allows a patient to be treated by doctors from multidisciplinary disciplines.

"In treating a patient, there are treatments from oncology, internal medicine, surgery as well as palliative. Our hospital and our colleagues from Singapore are currently developing this service," Nasronudin informed.

Cancer treatment will be one of the leading services in health tourism carried out by the hospital.

"There are so many cases of cancer and they are progressively fatal. There needs to be technology developed together so that the possibility of fatality can be reduced and the quality of life for cancer patients can increase, so that their life expectancy will be long," he explained.

Undoubted quality was the reason for the selection of Airlangga University Hospital as Icon Cancer Centre's partner in Indonesia, according to its CEO Serena Wee Hui Yan.

There are many hospitals in Indonesia, but Airlangga Hospital is the best partner in collaborating, she said, adding that she is optimistic that the collaboration will run well.

This opportunity allows Icon Cencer Center's doctors to establish good relations with doctors at Airlangga University Hospital to discuss solving existing cases. "So, we can increase competence. I think this collaboration will go well," she added.

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