Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Police is preparing to mobilize Mobile Brigade Corps (Brimob) personnel in the quick response team as a security measure ahead of the 2024 General Elections, according to Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

"The police have also prepared Brimob personnel in the quick response team as the power on-hand of the police chief, Brimob commander, and regional police chiefs ready to be mobilized anytime and anywhere to handle any contingency," Prabowo stated during the meeting with House of Representatives' (DPR RI's) Commission III at the Parliament Complex here, Wednesday.

Brimob officers will be divided into seven operation zones nationwide to facilitate its mobilization to secure the 2024 Elections conduct, he remarked.

"Each zone will provide backups to each other by considering the needs of personnel in their original areas to anticipate the escalation of disruption of public security and order," he remarked.

Apart from boosting the Bhabinkamtibmas (Community Police Forces), Prabowo said that the police also signed memoranda of understanding with the General Elections Commission (KPU) and General Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) to ensure that the 2024 Elections are held smoothly.

"The cooperation will be the basis of synergy to realize quality and integrity during the simultaneous elections," he affirmed.

Moreover, the police will set up 12 "Houses of the Nation" that will be the medium to promote national unity and integrity during elections.

"We will develop the 12 Houses of the Nation, and we expect it to be a medium to unite various social elements to prevent division and polarization (during elections)," Prabowo expounded.

Security measures implemented by the police are essential to maintain a conducive situation ahead of the 2024 Elections, particularly on account of the complexity of the current "fiesta of democracy" as compared to that of the earlier elections.

"There is a potential of (election) officers' negligence that could disrupt the delivery of election logistics to some locations and polarization among members of society if we are not anticipating its risks properly," he remarked. Related news: Ministry striving to build conducive situation ahead of 2024 elections
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Translator: Melalusa Susthira, Nabil Ihsan
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