Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Cartenz Peace Operation Task Force has launched a hunt for six of the nine armed separatists who allegedly murdered two residents of Statistik Dekai Street in Yahukimo District, Papua Pegunungan Province.

In a press statement received in Jakarta on Friday, Head of the Cartenz Peace Operation Senior Commissioner Faizal Ramadhanisaid that the police have the identities of the six separatists, while three others were arrested on Thursday (May 4, 2023).

"The nine perpetrators are members of the Yahukimo Armed Criminal Group (KKB). The six people we pursue have been identified by their initials as EP, AS, YS, YH, and YY. Meanwhile, the three perpetrators who have been arrested are YS alias JS, ES, and NM," he informed.

The three have been named as suspects in the April 30 murder of Yonatan Arruan and Asri Obet from Toraja, South Sulawesi.

Describing the alleged role played by the suspects in the murders, Ramadhani said that NM stabbed Obet using a knife, while YS alias JS and ES attacked Arruan using a machete.

"The other five suspects, namely YH, YY, YS, AS, and EP did not participate in the murder. However, they took part in the video statement that they had taken action, which was uploaded on social media," he added.

Ramadhani, who is also director of the General Criminal Investigation Unit (Direskrimum) at the Papua Regional Police, said that his party is pursuing the six members of the Yahukimo KKB.

A strict legal process will be followed for the three suspects who have been arrested, he said. Police will conduct an in-depth examination in the case.

"We will carry out a reconstruction (of the incident) to provide an overview of the occurrence of the case," he informed.

In addition, a joint team from Yahukimo Police and the Cartenz Peace Task Force on May 4 conducted a raid at one of the houses where members of the armed separatist group were suspected to be hiding.

The raid took place on Paradiso Street behind Anggruk complex, Dekai sub-district, Yahukimo District.

Head of public relations of the Papuan Police, Senior Commissioner Ignatius Benny Prabowo, said that during the raid, nine people were arrested and evidence was secured in the form of a number of personal documents, electronic devices, sharp weapons such as arrows, axes, machetes, knives, scissors, air rifles, as well as one homemade weapon.

On April 30, armed separatists reportedly raided the home of Obet and Arruan on Statistik Dekai Street, Yahukimo. Police officers found Arruan, a private worker, dead behind the house. Meanwhile, Obet, a farmer, was found dead in a field behind the house.

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