Banda Aceh, Aceh (ANTARA) - The Bener Meriah district police in Aceh Province announced that a local legislator, identified as Y, 41, was arrested along with three people for having allegedly consumed crystal methamphetamine on May 3.

"Residents' tip-offs have led to the arrests of Y and three other suspected drug users at 8:30 p.m. local time," Bener Meriah Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Nanag Indra Bakti stated here, Friday.

The three other suspects were identified as ZH (55), A (31), and WE (37). He added that they were apprehended in the villages of Tingkem Bersatu and Babussalam in Bukit Sub-district.

During their arrests, the local cops seized two boxes containing 0.24 grams and 0.16 grams of crystal meth and a "bong," or a device used for inhaling the crystal meth, he remarked.

Y is currently a member of the district's legislative body, he stated, adding that they are presently under police custody for further investigation.

ANTARA reported earlier that local and transborder drug traffickers continue to pose a grave threat to Indonesia despite the National Police and National Narcotics Agency's (BNN's) ongoing fierce crackdowns.

The culprits involved in the crime networks vary in socio-economic and professional backgrounds, as the results of police and BNN investigations reveal that drug offenders can be anyone.

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Several years ago, Arbab Pabroeka and Ibrahim Hasan, alias Ibrahim Hongkong, were among the politicians arrested concerning drug offenses.

Pabroeka, a former legislator, was arrested in April 2018, while Hasan, a member of Langkat District's legislative body in North Sumatra, was arrested in August 2018 for involvement in transnational drug trafficking activities.

Due to this case, Ibrahim was sacked from membership of the National Democrat Party (Nasdem), which paved the way for his political career until he was elected as a member of Langkat District's legislative body.

In winning the war against drug dealers, harsh punishments, including imposing death penalties on drug dealers, are deemed necessary.

However, the law enforcement approach should also be combined with preventive measures, such as regular blood and urine drug tests for students, employees, and other segments of society and conducting public awareness campaigns on the dangers of addictive drugs.

To this end, the National Anti-Narcotics Movement (Granat) has proposed that all figures competing in Indonesia's 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections be tested and declared drug-free.

Granat Chairman Henry Yosodiningrat opined that the government should hold urine tests as a part of the requirements for nominating candidates for the presidential and parliamentary elections.

He affirmed that the required urine tests support Indonesia's efforts to make it a drug-free country. Drug addicts must be prevented from joining the upcoming general elections.

Hence, urine tests must be required in the early stages of selecting candidates.

Granat has proposed its view to the House of Representatives (DPR) and government, Yosodiningrat added.

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