Operation of GIES likely to be agreed this week: FAO

Operation of GIES likely to be agreed this week: FAO

Secretary to the Agreement on Port State Measures (PSMA) and Leader of the FAO Fisheries Global and Regional Processes Team, Matthew Camilleri, at the 4th PSMA meeting in Bali, Monday (May 8, 2023).

Bali (ANTARA) - Agreement on Port State Measures (PSMA) Secretary, Matthew Camilleri, said the operation of Global Information Exchange System (GIES) can likely be agreed at the 4th meeting of the Parties to the PSMA, Bali, this week.

"About any actions that are taken. Hence, the parties have decided a few years ago to develop a Global Information Exchange System (GIES) that FAO has developed. We are in a pilot phase now, and this week, the parties may agree to operationalize it," Camilleri, who is also the FAO Fisheries Global and Regional Processes Team Leader, stated on Monday.

According to Camilleri, under the agreement is a requirement for parties to share information on inspection results of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU fishing).

"Therefore, every inspection that takes place at every port around the world will be uploaded into this system (GIES) and shared globally, including any actions that they have," he stated.

GIES is an information technology tool developed by FAO upon the request of PSMA parties to share information on port state measures and the capacity development needs of developing states in combating IUU fishing.

At the 3rd PSMA meeting, hosted by the European Union earlier in 2021, FAO was given the green light to take the GIES from the initial prototype phase to a pilot phase. Support for development of the PSMA GIES has been provided by the government of Iceland and the European Union.

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The PSMA is the first binding international agreement between port countries aimed at preventing, deterring, and eradicating IUU fishing.

The agreement specifically aims to prevent vessels conducting IUU fishing from accessing ports, thereby blocking the catch from entering the market.

This year, Indonesia is the host of the 4th PSMA meeting. FAO Director General Qu Dongyu officially, on Monday, opened that meeting scheduled on May 8-12 in Bali.

Some 200 delegates from states across the world along with the representatives of intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations attend the meeting that is held every two years.

So far, PSMA has 75 parties, including the European Union on behalf of its member states.

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