Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) made the most of the momentum offered by Indonesia's ASEAN Chairmanship to work with the Australian Government in building community resilience against violent extremism.

"(As per) the role of the BNPT RI as 'voluntary lead shepherds' in countering terrorism in ASEAN, we are working with the Australian Government as one of ASEAN's talking partners," Deputy for International Cooperation Andhika Chrisnayudhanto noted in a statement received in Jakarta, Friday.

Chrisnayudhanto remarked that the BNPT and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia looked at ways to build community resilience in the face of violent extremism.

"Exchanging practices builds community resilience in overcoming radicalization and violent extremism," he stated.

Through this meeting, Chrisnayudhanto expects to offer an explanation on how the BNPT focuses on aspects of prevention that require community participation to build national preparedness.

"Of course, one of the roles of the BNPT RI is prevention, wherein prevention is one of the main focuses on national preparedness, and if translated into national preparedness, it is community empowerment," Chrisnayudhanto stated.

According to Chrisnayudhanto, community empowerment is one of the aspects of building community resilience.

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Deputy Head of Mission for the Australia Mission to ASEAN Caroline Scott also echoed the same view that community resilience in prevention efforts is an important factor in counteracting radicalism and violence-based extremism.

"As we know, community resilience is very important to prevent and fight (radicalism and extremism). Strategic prevention of violent extremism through our resilience encompass programs promoting social cohesion, identifying and supporting youth resilience, offering alternative narratives, and adapting several elements in building community resilience in countering terrorism," Caroline remarked.

The meeting is held on an annual basis to discuss the development of the issue of violence-based terrorism and extremism.

Through this activity, each country can exchange views, experiences, and countermeasure programs that will be determined to increase joint efforts in facing these challenges in their respective regions.

In addition, dialogue on countering violence-based terrorism and implementation of steps to be taken in the future is an effort in the action plan to implement the ASEAN-Australia Strategic Partnership 2020-2024.

This activity is a form of commitment to cooperation between the ASEAN and Australia in the field of countering terrorism that existed since the ASEAN-Australia Joint Declaration on Cooperation in Countering International Terrorism 2004.

The activity was attended by delegates from Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, and Timor-Leste.

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