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Fuzhou, China (ANTARA/Xinhua-AsiaNet) -- On May 18, the Sixth 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Exposition and the 25th Cross-Straits Fair (hereinafter referred to as "May 18") opened in Fuzhou. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, and the "May 18" event has for the first time seen two Guests of Honor, which are Indonesia and Argentina, according to the Organizing Committee.

The exhibition areas of Argentine featured Argentina's industrial development, tourism resources, football culture, investment environment, and others.

A total of 35 Indonesian enterprises were invited to show high-end manufacturing, tourism industry, jewelry, seasoning sauces, national clothing, traditional handicrafts, spice products, fruit, bird's nest, coffee, candy, biscuits, prawn crackers, instant noodles, jelly and other products with Indonesian characteristics in the exhibition.

This year, the Fuzhou delegation carried out in-depth economic and trade negotiations to promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation with the friendly city when they visit Indonesia. The two sides sealed contracts for 26 projects covering food, clean energy, new materials, textiles, and other industries with a total investment of 55.7 billion Chinese yuan.

As one of the important activities of "May 18", the Economic and Trade Exchange and Cooperation of the National Business Association of 2023 Fujian Belt and Road Initiative was held in Fuzhou from May 17 to May 19.

With the theme of Mutual Benefit and Win-win Cooperation, the event invited foreign representatives from 14 countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar and Uzbekistan of the Belt and Road Initiative National Business Associations and China-CEEC Business Council.

During the event, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Sanming, Longyan, Ningde and other cities in Fujian Province made special promotions for the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Expo and industries with local characteristics.

Source: The Organizing Committee of the Maritime Silk Road Expo and the Cross-Straits Fair

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