Jakarta (ANTARA) - The recognition of the 2022 edition banknotes of the Indonesian rupiah as the banknotes with the best design proves that Perum Peruri, the state-owned banknotes printer and mint, is a world-class company.

The newest edition of the rupiah was named "the best new banknote series" by the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) during its 17th Currency Award in Mexico on Tuesday (May 16, 2023).

The rupiah emerged victorious among currencies entered by Costa Rica, Mexico, the Philippines, and Bahamas central banks, said Dwina Septiani Wijaya, Managing Director of Peruri, on Friday.

"The renewal of the rupiah's security features is concrete proof that Peruri has continued to increase its capability as a world-class banknotes printer, successfully making the rupiah recognized as a quality banknote by the global community," Wijaya added.

The 2022 edition banknotes have been improved in various aspects, such as design, security features, and materials, which make them more beautiful, secure, and durable, she noted.

According to Wijaya, these improvements and innovations make the rupiah easier to recognize, harder to counterfeit, and have better longevity, establishing it a quality and trusted banknote as a legal tender and a symbol of Indonesia.

The recognition follows Peruri's success after the Rp75 thousand commemorative banknote for the 75th anniversary of Indonesia's independence became a finalist in "the best commemorative banknote" category at the 2022 IACA.

Wijaya said that this recognition also proves Peruri's continued commitment to its security printing business amid the development of digital business undertaken by the company.

Peruri will strive to improve its banknote printing quality by enhancing security features, researching the latest banknote-printing technology, and upgrading the company's money-printing equipment, she added.

"As a strategic partner of Bank Indonesia, Peruri has a strong commitment to supporting Bank Indonesia's duty by printing reliable banknotes of world-class quality," Wijaya said.

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Translator: Ade Irma Junida, Nabil Ihsan
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