Jakarta (ANTARA) - Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (PMK) Muhadjir Effendy has emphasized the importance of disaster mitigation education in efforts to raise people's awareness and understanding of disaster-related issues.

"Regional governments need to continue to promote socialization and education about the importance of disaster mitigation," he said in a statement released in Jakarta on Friday.

Mitigation and preparedness measures to face the possibility of disasters are essential to support the government's program for reducing the risks of disasters, he added.

"All parties, including the society, should earnestly and accurately bolster readiness in hopes of reducing the risks of likely disasters," he added.

According to the minister, the measures must be formulated and taken according to the disaster vulnerability of each region.

"Preparedness measures for possible disasters must be taken based on specific conditions and potential disasters in each region," he pointed out.

For instance, he explained, in areas prone to landslides, it is necessary to take measures related to education about landslide disaster mitigation and to spread the word about evacuation routes in the event of a landslide as a top priority.

"Such efforts are expected to provide more accurate socialization and education on disaster mitigation, so that all the knowledge can be instilled in the people's minds," he said.

The PMK Ministry's Deputy for Coordination of Equitable Regional Development and Disaster Mitigation Lieutenant General (retd.) Sudirman said that efforts to strengthen early warning systems and responses are also important to support disaster mitigation measures.

"We should take measures to strengthen early warning systems as a top priority in efforts to boost preparedness to face natural disasters that may occur at any time and anywhere," he noted.

To address the matter, the PMK Ministry has invited relevant ministries/agencies and regional governments to keep strengthening early warning systems and responses.

"Furthermore, it is also necessary to continue to improve our understanding and skills in order to strengthen the early warning systems for facing various disasters. One way to do this is by developing the suitable and integrated technologies," he added.

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Translator: Wuryanti Puspitasari, Tegar Nurfitra
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