Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry is ready to facilitate 50 Indonesian Restaurant Fundraising (IndoStar) member restaurant owners to receive training and assistance to increase their business scale.

These 50 members came from 68 registrants across the world that managed to pass the curation process, ministry's official, Indriani D. Laratu, noted through a statement issued on Saturday.

They will thereafter go through an incubation process comprising structured and massive training and assistance programs, Laratu remarked.

In addition to increasing their business scale, the program is intended to make restaurant owners more ready in receiving finance from potential investors, she explained.

IndoStar is the first financing access platform for overseas Indonesian restaurant business development initiated by the ministry in supporting the Indonesia Spice Up The World Program through banking and non-banking funding schemes.

The ministry collaborates with MBN Consulting, BNI, Fintech Securities Crowdfunding, angel investor, and other sources of funding.

Indostar program participants that have been curated will participate in the incubation process for two months. After this, they will be brought to meet with potential investors.

Financing Access Director at the Ministry Anggara Hayun Anujuparana remarked that currently, several Indonesian restaurant owners overseas are encountering problems in running their businesses.

One of the frequently faced issues is that they run businesses that are not yet promising and bankable, so they have not been successful in receiving financing.

Hence, to this end, the IndoStar Program is expected to be one of the solutions to increase the number of Indonesian restaurants overseas.

IndoStar program has long been awaited by the people and is lauded by various parties, Anujuprana remarked.

Thus, the presence of more Indonesian restaurants will help in promoting Indonesia's gastronomic delights, culture, and tourism overseas, he affirmed.

Meanwhile, Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno encouraged Indonesian restaurants overseas to have a good image and management, so that Indonesian processed foods and spices gain greater popularity on the global stage.

This aligns with the purpose of the Indonesia Spice Up The World Program that is a collaborative program involving all stakeholders to promote Indonesian culinary arts.

This is intended to reach the export value of US$2 billion and four thousand restaurants overseas by 2024.

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