Jakarta (ANTARA) - The steering committee for the acceleration of special autonomy development in Papua (BP3OKP) will temporarily focus on overseeing efforts to meet the needs of Papuans affected by the security conflict stoked by separatist terrorist groups (KST).

"We are prioritizing serving those who have been affected," a Member of BP3OKP representing Papua Province Albert Yoku said after attending a coordination meeting at the Presidential Staff Office in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Yoku, who is also the coordinator of the six BP3OKP members representing Papua region, informed that meeting the needs of the Papuan people who have been affected by KST actions is no less important than handling terror acts, including hostage-taking carried out by KST.

"Because there are more people affected. Instead of only focusing on that problem (KST action), it will be better for us to meet the needs of those who have been affected, such as in the welfare sector," he said.

While for security matters, he asked the central government to continue to carry out a soft approach to security through the National Police (Polri) and Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI), for example, through the Carstensz Peace Operation under which TNI/Polri directly approach the community to help teach people aboutcommunity gardens and farm cultivation.

In particular, the task of the BP3OKP is to take inventory of the obstacles and impediments to the acceleration of Papua's development and report them to Vice President Ma'ruf Amin as the chair of BP3OKP, he said.

As a short-term priority, BP3OKP will oversee the fulfillment of the needs of the Papuan people affected by security conflicts and social conflicts, he added.

For example, in Nduga district, one of the KST-prone districts, people from 16 out of 32 sub-districts have been displaced due to the impact of KST actions.

"So later, we will carry out an inventory and we will report it to the Presidential Secretariat and ministries/agencies as well. We hope we can provide social assistance for those affected by the security conflict in the form of health, education, clothing, or food," Yoku informed.

He also asked the Papuan people, including religious leaders, community leaders, and traditional leaders to join hands in accepting the accelerated program implemented by the government for the welfare of all Papuans.

"Hopefully, the BP3OKP can bring progress for them," he added.

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Translator: Rangga Pandu A J, Resinta S
Editor: Azis Kurmala
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