We will coordinate it (the provision of the subsidy) with the (food) distributors and producers.
Palangka Raya, C Kalimantan (ANTARA) - Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan has urged local governments in Central Kalimantan province to provide transportation subsidies to food producers to help maintain the stability of commodity prices in the market.

He made the statement after reviewing trade activities at Palangka Raya Central Market here on Saturday.

“We found earlier that the stocks of a number of commodities are quite sufficient,” he said.

However, the price of broiler chicken meat has experienced a significant increase, reaching Rp49 thousand (US$3.26) per kilogram, the minister informed.

He said that the chicken meat price has become a concern for his ministry, thus it will be addressed with the help of the local government so that the price can be brought down and people’s purchasing power can be maintained.

According to the Central Kalimantan Provincial Food Security Office, the availability of broiler chicken meat has reached 569 tons.

Meanwhile, the demand for the commodity is pegged at 451 tons. Thus, there is a surplus of 118 tons, which is equivalent to one week's reserve stock.

The Head of the Office Riza Rahmadi said that his party is ready to follow up on the Trade Minister's directive regarding the provision of transportation subsidies to food producers.

"We will coordinate it (the provision of the subsidy) with the (food) distributors and producers,” he added.

He recalled that earlier, his party had provided a transportation subsidy amounting to around Rp2.5 million (US$166.18) for each shipment of chili.

In addition, the Central Kalimantan provincial government has regularly carried out cheap market operations for various subsidized food commodities to maintain people’s purchasing power.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Central Kalimantan Poultry Farmers Association (Pinsar) Andi said that the high price of broiler chicken meat is due to, among other things, the high cost of animal feed, which can reach Rp480 thousand (US$31.91) per sack.

"We have suggested to the government to provide subsidies on (animal) feed. Even earlier, the (trade) minister told the local government to (also) provide assistance for the transportation cost," he added.

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