Banyumas, Central Java (ANTARA) - Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno said the management of tourism villages must involve various parties, including young people who are encouraged to open businesses and job opportunities by creating startups.

"All must be involved for the development of Pekunden Tourism Village, but the concept is togetherness in unity based on our love for the Republic of Indonesia," he said when visiting Pekunden Village, Banyumas District, Sunday.

Uno inaugurated the Pekunden Village as one of the top 75 tourism villages that aim to be a world-class tourism village, part of the 2023 Indonesian Tourism Village Award program.

According to him, Pekunden Village has huge potential to develop startups in many fields, ranging from culinary and performing arts.

He mentioned that the village currently has 24 homestays and each of which can open provide jobs for four people.

"So in total there are 100 (people) working in the tourism and creative economy ecosystem and this can be managed with digitalization," he said.

With the permission of the Banyumas District Head, he said, Pekunden Tourism Village will also be linked with several tourist spots that already exist in Banyumas.

He highlighted that reaching Banyumas from Jakarta is very easy, as the connectivity is very supported.

During his visit to Pekunden Village, Uno reviewed a number of booths of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), one of which was the batik craft business, where he bought five pieces of green batik headbands.

After reviewing the MSME booths, the minister visited the nopia mino production house in the village, which makes Banyumas special snacks.

According to the ministry, the development of tourism villages also requires the preparation of quality human resources (HR).

Tourism villages are considered to have excellent potential to answer to the demand for experience-based tourism and alternative tourism, because of their ability to showcase the uniqueness and characteristics of local products and regional cultural attractions.

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Translator: Sumarwoto, Kenzu
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