Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Civil Service Commission (KASN) stated that the central authority should enact policies to ensure local officers, primarily sub-district and village heads, will not suffer repercussions from their political neutrality in the 2024 Elections.

"The state should be present to protect neutral state apparatus. The central institutions with relevant authority should enact policies to ensure professionalism and neutrality will not negatively affect the state apparatus," KASN Head Agus Pramusinto stated, as viewed via the KASN YouTube channel here on Wednesday.

While presenting his remarks at the "Sub-district and Village Heads' Dilemma: Between Professionalism and Politics in 2024" webinar, he emphasized that failure to enact policies to protect neutral local officers would expose them to potential repercussions from elected officials.

Pramusinto said that instead of individual competency, the appointment of sub-district and village heads is currently more inclined towards the individual's capability to mobilize residents.

"Working with impartiality to an (election) candidate is not risk-free, and the stance might be a stain that exposes them to repercussion after the election ends," Pramusinto remarked.

Meanwhile, the KASN head revealed that the agency recorded various neutrality violations perpetrated by sub-district and village heads during the 2020-2023 period.

The most common neutrality violations were hosting activities partial to a political candidate, at 36.5 percent; responding to campaign posts on social media, 20.1 percent; attending electoral candidates' declaration events, 15.8 percent; taking photographs with electoral candidates, 11.1 percent; and having participated in electoral campaigns, 7.4 percent, he elaborated.

"Besides, another form of neutrality violation potentially perpetrated by sub-district and village heads is mobilizing support among their subordinates, such as office staffs, local chiefs, hamlet heads, and public organizations for a particular electoral candidate," Pramusinto stated.

Moreover, cases came to light wherein local officers had influenced residents to endorse a particular candidate in elections, utilized official vehicles for political purposes, and politicized social assistance for residents, he remarked.

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Translator: Tri Meilani A, Nabil Ihsan
Editor: Azis Kurmala
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