Cirebon, West Java (ANTARA) - Residents of Munjul Village, Cirebon District, West Java, heard six booms during three earthquakes measuring 3.2 in magnitude that struck the village on Thursday.

"The boom sound was like a truck tire exploding, but the loud noise sounded very close," Saadah (41), a Munjul resident, informed here.

According to her, the first earthquake was felt around 6:30 a.m. local time on Thursday morning, and one hour later, there was another, stronger earthquake.

Then, aftershocks followed in the afternoon around 4 p.m., but with weaker tremors, she informed.

She said she heard six boom sounds during the three earthquakes.

"When the earthquakes occurred, we immediately ran out of home, because of the vibrations and loud sound," she added.

The same thing was related by Fathur, who heard loud booms during each of the three earthquake events.

"Until now we are on alert because earthquake events here are very rare, and only this time it felt quite strong," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Center for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BBMKG) Region II - Tangerang Hartanto said the three earthquakes were shallow and were caused due to the activities of the Cirebon Fault.

The last quake occurred at 4:04 p.m. Western Indonesian Standard Time (WIB) on Thursday.

The results of the BMKG’s analysis showed that the last quake had a magnitude of 2.9 and was located at 6.8 degrees south latitude and 108.62 degrees east longitude. More precisely, it was located on land, 12 kilometers southeast of Cirebon city at a depth of 10 km.

"By observing the epicenter and the hypocenter, the earthquake was shallow and happened due to the Cirebon Fault activity," Hartanto said.

BMKG has advised people to remain calm and not be affected by unreliable information.

Furthermore, the Cirebon Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) confirmed that there was no damage on account of the earthquakes on Thursday.

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