Cirebon (ANTARA) - Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Airlangga Hartarto, has said that improving the quality of productive human resources (HR) is key for Indonesia to get out of the middle-income trap (MIT).

"The key is productive human resources," Minister Hartarto stressed here on Friday.

He said there are countries in Africa that have achieved a demographic bonus but their productivity has fallen. As a result, their population is high, including the proportion of young people, but the number of unemployed is also high because their productivity is low.

"So, (productive HR) is what we are trying to pursue," he added.

He said Indonesia currently has a demographic bonus that makes it possible for it to get out of the middle-income trap. To realize this, Indonesia needs to encourage increased productivity of its human resources.

"Because when we are free from the middle-income trap, our industry contribution will increase from 20 percent to 25 percent, then again increase to 30 percent," he highlighted.

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One of the efforts being made to increase productivity is the Pre-Employment Card program.

Minister Hartarto said the second strategy that has been considered effective in increasing HR productivity has been the implementation of the Vocational Education Revitalization and Vocational Training programs.

The duration of the vocational training is two years, with field practice for one year.

Some time ago, Indonesia carried out a program to send vocational staff to various countries, such as Singapore and Hungary, as part of a push to develop national human resources.

Hartarto said that the vocational distribution cooperation program succeeded in benefiting both parties, starting from improving the quality of human resources to meeting the need for vocational workers in the destination country.

"Indonesian human resources have a good work ethic, therefore there are many requests from many countries," he added.

"We are encouraging as many shipments (worker placements) abroad as possible, so that when they return to Indonesia, they already have the best world-standard capabilities and skills. It will boost our industry, too," the minister said.

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