The core of TPPO is poverty.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The alleviation of extreme poverty has become paramount for eradicating human trafficking crimes (TPPO), Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini has said.

"The core of TPPO is poverty. Border areas are prone to human trafficking," she observed here on Wednesday.

However, people would not be easily lured by traffickers if their economic conditions were good, she pointed out.

"For this reason, we, at the Ministry of Social Affairs, are trying to strengthen people's (economic) independence so that they are not tempted to migrate," she said.

A special approach has been adopted for border areas—where many human smuggling cases occur—which involves helping residents build businesses to help lift them out of poverty.

"There is a special treatment in border areas, including in Sebatik and Krayan in North Kalimantan, Wini village in East Nusa Tenggara, Malacca, which borders Singapore, and Skouw in Papua," she informed.

In Wini, she continued, the ministry has provided assistance in the form of weaving tools and sunflower seeds.

"In Wini, they have harvested (sunflowers) three times; a cooperative unit has also been established. They produce cooking oil from sunflowers. Even the village head has made the village as a tourist destination because the flowers have grown well," Rismaharini said.

Meanwhile, in Skouw, Papua, the ministry has provided assistance for poultry farmers and pig farmers, and some youths sent to East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) for training.

"Some were sent to NTT to learn sewing, we will help them so they can start a business there," the minister said.

In Bertam Island, which is close to Singapore, the ministry has distributed boat assistance for school children.

According to Rismaharini, victims of human trafficking are being handled by several centers belonging to the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The ministry has 37 centers spread across various provinces, which are also serving as training centers.

"We are also assisted by the Cross Border Post (PLBN). Later, there will be four kiosks at the PLBN location, one of which will be on the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. We will make kiosks for residents to trade," she informed.

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