Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries is monitoring the quality of fishery products from upstream to downstream to ensure Indonesians consume guaranteed nutritional content.

"Fish, as an ingredient, can get damaged easily and, as a protein source, it is very valuable for health," director general of marine and fishery product competitiveness strengthening affairs at the ministry Budi Sulistiyo said in a statement on Friday.

Thus, the ministry is committed to maintaining the quality and safety of fish foods, whether for the domestic or overseas market with similar upstream-to-downstream treatment quality.

One of the concrete steps that is being done is the provision of guidance at the upstream stage of aquaculture production and fishing.

This has involved educating cultivators about good fish cultivation and harvesting techniques, as well as fishermen about proper fish handling on boats and at seaports and fish auction sites.

Next, the ministry is ensuring the quality of fish through the implementation of a cold chain system to prevent or hinder the growth of microorganisms that cause fish decomposition.

Concerning distribution, the institution ensures that the fish that are caught or cultivated are traceable.

This means that the sites from where fish are caught or harvested as well as the places where they are to be marketed are all being recorded, Sulistiyo explained.

Guidance on implementing proper fish processing techniques as well as proper sanitation and hygiene procedures is also being provided to marketers and fishery result processors.

The ministry also provides access to cold chain facilities and infrastructure, space rehabilitation, and training, as well as certification to support maintaining the quality of fish.

Sulistiyo hoped the technical and strategic assistance supports guaranteed healthy nutritional fishery content.

Translator: Sinta Ambarwati, Fadhli Ruhman
Editor: Bayu Prasetyo
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