Bukittinggi, W Sumatra (ANTARA) - Residents of Sitingkai, Agam District, West Sumatra, have a unique tradition of distributing sacrificial meat called Manampuang.

"We have a tradition of distributing sacrificial meat where residents do not need to hold coupons, and the distribution is not restricted," said a local resident, Heru Nofriandi, on Thursday.

During the tradition of Manampuang, meaning "to accomodate something" in Indonesian, residents gather at the slaughter site and directly receive the sacrificial meat in their hands or use the provided plastic bags or leaves, Nofriandi explained.

What makes this tradition unique is that the sacrificial meat is distributed per individual, not per household.

"For example, a family of five is entitled to receive five portions of meat," he elaborated.

He mentioned that the tradition in Sitingkai has been passed down from one generation to the next.

"We do not know when this method was first carried out, but the elders in this village have been doing it," he added.

The activity on Thursday began with the slaughtering of sacrificial animals. Once the animals were cut and sliced, residents formed neat lines on both sides of the road, eagerly awaiting their portions.

"The line stretched for hundreds of meters as hundreds of residents were patiently waiting for their share. It was an orderly and captivating sight," he remarked.

Some committee members of the event carried the meat in carts and filled the plastic bags with the meat.

"We maintain this tradition because it is the most fair and equal way to distribute sacrificial meat," said one of the committee members, Rizal.

He added that this tradition has the potential to become an iconic element of religious tourism.

"In this area, we had five cows sacrificed, and the number of recipients reached hundreds," he said.

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