Badung, Bali (ANTARA) - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati underscored the need for improvement in the nation's education system to support green transition in Indonesia's economy.

"We (the government) support the transition and disruption through automatization, digitization, and green transition for our economy. However, it needs (an appropriate) education system," Indrawati stated via video broadcast during the Inclusive Lifelong Learning Conference (ILLC) here on Wednesday.

A proper education system will prevent the shift of workforce due to automatization, digitization, and green transition, the minister noted.

The minister also affirmed that the Indonesian government is committed to improving the education system and supporting lifelong learning for all people of various ages through diverse modalities.

Indrawati stated that the government is collaborating with businesses and industries to provide more opportunities for young members of the workforce to get jobs or even create new jobs.

The effort will be consistent with the government's priority to continue improving, restructuring, and enhancing national industries in the manufacturing and service aspects, she noted.

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Hence, Indrawati highlighted that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology had launched vocational education with the link-and-match system in 2017 to ensure that education remains relevant amid the shift and changes in the economy and industry.

The authority also introduced the Pre-Employment Card to facilitate the younger generation, which the minister called an innovative and essential program.

"The government strives to improve the people's competency, and the people are expected to be productive, competitive, and (to embark on) entrepreneurship," she emphasized.

The government is also committed to providing long-term investment through budget management, and an endowment fund for education for the younger generation has been established, she remarked.

"The government is keen to ensure that (members of) the next generation will have opportunities to continue their education to achieve their dreams," Indrawati remarked.

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