Karawang (ANTARA) - The Maritime Affairs and Fishery (KKP) Ministry is building a cluster model for tilapia cultivation on 16 hectares of land at the Aquaculture Production Business Service Center in Cilebar sub-district, Karawang district, West Java.

"We aim to complete the project construction in two months, so we can immediately make it operational," director general of aquaculture at the KKP Ministry, TB Haeru Rahayu, said while inspecting the project site in Karawang on Saturday.

Rahayu informed that the government is building the cluster model with the objective of supporting cultivation activities and addressing the problem related to the decreasing numbers of actors running fishery industries on lakes.

"Hopefully, the people, especially those from industrial groups, can emulate this model," he said.

Regarding the reason for choosing tilapia fish for the project, Rahayu explained that the fish has an extremely promising market, which has reached almost US$14 billion in value this year.

"In addition, we aim to promote sustainable cultivation," he added.

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He expressed the hope that the cluster model will encourage the public to follow in the ministry's steps in developing tilapia cultivation.

"We hope that the people will be stimulated to replicate this cultivation system, so they can increase their productivity, especially in saline tilapia cultivation," Rahayu said.

Meanwhile, head of Karawang BLUPPB, M. Tahang, informed that the ministry is building a tilapia cultivation model that consists of reservoirs, maintenance plots, inlets, outlets, and a waste management system.

"The initial investment for this 16-hectare land is worth Rp11 billion (US$732 thousand) in total, which is projected to generate approximately Rp20 billion (US$1.3 million)," he said.

Under the cluster model, tilapia fish will be cultivated and raised till they reach a weight of 700 grams, he added.

Earlier, the ponds in the area were used for shrimp cultivation, so it will take the ministry two months to complete the cluster model construction.

"The ministry is targeting to complete the construction by October, then we will spread the seeds. The harvesting activity is projected to take place in March or April next year," Tahang said.

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